People watching…

Trucks meeting cars meeting cycles meeting ferry,
People sleeping soundly while others’ making merry,
Checking in, passports counted,
Engines started, cycles mounted,
Seats reclined and pitstop’s busy,
Children sleeping, drinking fizzy 🍸
Eagerly anticipated holiday in France,
Relaxation, motivation, sleep with half a chance!!!


Ferry good inspiration

Portsmouth to Le Havre ferry crossing is an interesting place to be. Truck drivers mix with holiday makers and despite the hour most people seem keen to drink and make noise rather than sleep. Bypassing the coloured lights of the prom at Portsmouth we embark on our journey out to sea. The sea has been described as slight with the usual warnings of being careful on deck and the not so usual of taking care going through doors!
A first venture or adventure out with the caravan en francais…culture, architecture, wine and hopefully sunshine to inspire the senses and generate ideas. Can’t wait 🙂


Where to begin…?

I used to run a blog entitled ‘the best hot chocolate in the world ever!’, however, this has had its day not least because I really don’t fancy drinking hot chocolate any more.  I’m fairly certain that this is down to the best one being situated in kukrcavalimonade in Prague so not entirely easy to indulge.

So still with a desire to blog and be creative I look to 3 other loves of mine, drawing, photography and Ula.