Microsoft Surface

Whoop!!! now I feel like I’m in the land of the living fully app’d up on the surface.

So far I realise there has been little creativity on this blog apart from a couple of card drawings and poem…must try harder!  Found myself throwing together some rhyming couplets while I watched the Perseids meteor shower from the vantage point of the trampoline last night but in the absence of tech or indeed a note pad and pen…I know its lame.

In other news Ula is still ill, no progress with a battery charge and a bit more petrol, prognosis is a fuel issue but as yet we do not know which one! 



Meet the feckers

Laughing out loud!!! (Deserves its full title here!)
Across the camp from us are an Irish family who have entitled their veeeery expensive camper van of the same name. At night it lights up like Blackpool in st malo!!! I’m only apologetic that I could only include one colour phase of the light show! Complete with flat screen tv, wii and beer fridge!!!!!!
Only earlier today he said he had moved from our plot as there was only 5volts and it kept tripping the kettle!!!!! Hahahaha #justsaying