Positive progress

In this my 40th year I’m determined to make changes. 
In the battle of the food addiction I can happily report that I have lost 9 1/2 lb so far 🙂
In other news I have decided to change my career!!!!
After 17 years in teaching I’m going to follow my dreams of creativity and go with the flow.  Photography,  painting, making and creating are to be accomplished this year and selling some of my debsta creations would be fabulous.
Obviously my stock photography is a great starting point with images steadily selling so take a look at dreamstime.
http:// www.dreamstime.com/Debsta75_portfolio_pg1#res8236749



Addiction withdrawal

So I am addicted to food or eating!!! Today has been hard trying to stay strong and remain friends with will power.
It is evening time now and I have done really well all day despite temptations.  I really need to find something to do when the cravings hit… Comments and suggestions gratefully received 🙂
Drinking gallons of water but it really is a poor substitute.
Highlight of the day showing my friend around the gym I have joined and her deciding to join too!
Lowlight so to speak had to be the staff meeting and avoiding the sweets laid on to get us through it!


Wake up call

I’m not fat I’m curvy, I like cheese and wine and good food with good company.
However, an impromptu visit to the gym,  with my step daughter daisy, had me passing by a weighing scale.  The sort that you pay a pound and it tells you your height, weight, bmi and the percentage of your body that is fat!!!!
I figured that a short, sharp, shock is what I needed in order to wake up and realise what needed to be done…
Brandishing a pound coin I jumped on (not even bothering to remove my trainers!) and proceeded to stay still, breathing in and holding my breath in the hope that it would make me somehow magically appear lighter…


The results were laughable, cryable,  shocking, crazy…. But true.

My curvy body turns out to be 46% fat!!!  I’m not ready to share just how many stones and pounds my curvy body is…maybe when I’m on the road to recovery.

The result of this random event are absolute determination,  and I have located that guy called will power 🙂

The game is on!!!


Hunstanton frost

A fabulously frosty walk by the sea started off in Snettisham but without binoculars to view the sea we quickly changed destinations and headed to Hunstanton.
Despite the time of year and the weather a coffee selling donut maker braved the biting winds and provided respite to the walkers and twitchers.
The sun shone down as we walked and photographed and explored.  Chatting to the owners of two gorgeous 12 week old jack russels made us all dog broody and finding a seal trapped between rocks and not long expired made us sad.
The fruits of my photographs taken on the sony xperia phone were a triumph with dreamstime.  Happy days.