About Debsta

Debra Webster aka Debsta is an artist, illustrator and educator based in the Midlands in the UK.
Much of her work is based on the sea and the natural world, having graduated as an environmental scientist and growing up in the countryside.
She has had illustrations published in 6 books in the last year and has shown her work in local group exhibitions.
Debra is the cofounder of a non-profit organisation that runs art workshops for children and provides opportunities for the community to take part in creative pursuits to support wellbeing.
Wellbeing and the role creativity can play in supporting mental health is a passion, and Debra is also the cofounder of a business providing books and resources to support the early intervention and prevention of mental health difficulties for children, families, schools and nurseries.

Find out more about Ruddington Art & Craft Society - www.ruddingtonarts.co.uk
Find out more about the Emotions Toolkit - www.emotionstoolkit.com

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