Art Portfolio

My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch, plan a commission or ask arty questions 🙂

Lots of inspiration comes from the sea. I now live in Nottingham right in the middle of the UK but grew up not too far from the Yorkshire coast and spent most weekends by the sea. I recently learned to sail getting my day skipper licence and head to the sea whenever I can. Dream goals a cottage by the sea with studio and gallery and a camper van studio to go out and about in.

Oil Paintings

A selection of some of the work I have created using oils over the last couple of years. I love the versatility and texture of the paint and it’s ‘blendability’. As you can see I am inspired by the sea and the natural world. Some of these paintings were commissions and some experiments. Despite working in other mediums too I love working in oils!

Acrylic Paintings

I have recently begun experimenting with Acrylic and like oils I can achieve similar effects with the added bonus of the painting drying and being ready to varnish more quickly. Lots of recent commissions have been in acrylic including acrylic pouring techniques and abstract work. I love working with interior designers to create bespoke pieces of art.

Watercolour Paintings

As you can see I often pick up the watercolours especially if I’m working on animals or birds and anything that requires a lot of detail. I also use this medium for book illustrations and have published my first children’s book ‘The alternative tale of the Three Little Pigs’.



Digital Art and designs

Digital art has expanded my capacity to make designs for my other company Stone Stories – Creative Storytelling and use those images on lots of other products through redbubble and designing bespoke cards for everyone.

I can also use my digital art skills for my other company the Emotions Toolkit that I am co-founder of which is designed as a valuable resource to support young minds in learning to regulate their emotions.

If you would like to commission a painting please get in touch