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I really thought that pivot was the word for 2020, however, 2021 brings with it new challenges. There are no art fairs or markets on the horizon yet and no opportunities to meet up with the art community in person. But…here are some of the amazing things that are happening that I am so grateful for.

Firstly Clubhouse. Just when you think social media is taking over the world and reducing your real connection with others, along comes Clubhouse. For those of you who don’t know much about it its a purely audio social platform. You enter rooms based on topics that interest you and listen or go up on stage and contribute and chat. The benefits to me are that although I’m working from home I feel connected and can join in with the chatter. Also you can step out of your comfort zone and share your knowledge and skills to the benefit of others. It really does seem like a very generous and giving platform. Your profile is linked to your instagram and twitter accounts too so people will head there to find out more about you, follow and drop into your dms. The Artists Lounge club on Clubhouse is an amazing place to connect with artists around the world and learn from each other and experience amazing generosity. Join me in a chat on Clubhouse. Find me @debsta

Secondly, online is the only way. Building your online presence is vital when you cannot chat and meet with people for real. So I’m going to be blogging my thoughts more regularly here at, adding all of my greetings cards, art merch, prints and original art to my etsy store – DebstaArt, being present on social media, building my website, building my mailing list and and and… so much to do 🙂

Thirdly, we have time! Time to think, time to reflect, time to focus your thoughts, time to plan, time to dream and time to paint!

I will focus on the fourth thing in my next post…creativity creates calm.

Its so easy to get drawn into the negativities of what is going on around the world so instead lets focus on the good things, be grateful for the small things and joy.

Take care of your selves, hugs

Debsta x


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