Creative fun

The day things open again…

Mocha out out 😊

Someone recently commented that my blog posts are focused on the positive and called me Debsta the Positivity Gangsta. What a compliment, I’ll take that 🙂 Today is a day we have been waiting for alongside positive developments in the News reports. I emerged with lockdown hair to sit and enjoy my Split Screen coffee at the Bottle Top in the village. The sun shone and there was a feeling of hope on the high street. I chatted with a lovely lady who works at the City Hospital who was sitting having a moment of calm before starting her day.

As a small business owner I’m issuing a rallying cry. Continue to support your local high street that have supported you so well throughout the pandemic. Be patient as business owners open up and adjust to serving you all again. Remember you don’t know what is going on behind everyone’s smile, behind their masks so above all else be kind.

Best wishes to all

Debsta the Positivity Gangsta 😉 x


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