Thinking is designing is art

I wonder how many good ideas are thought up and then lost amid the melee of life?

A huge proportion of my time just lately has been spent thinking.

Get on with painting some may say but I honestly believe the ‘thinking’ part is crucial to the success of a piece.  I imagine details and techniques and the overall piece tweaking ideas in my mind before ever putting brush to canvas or pencil to paper.

I’m in the middle of designing well over 200 stones for the SSBC in Nottingham and after many hours thinking it through, I then write my ideas down, then begin sketching.  I wonder if anyone works like this?
In tandem to this I have come up with several ideas for larger paintings,  those ideas and images are floating around in my head in between what to cook for dinner and what schedule my children have for the day etc 

There is a lot to be said for putting those ideas down on paper so that they don’t become lost during the school run.

How do you manage your creative thoughts?

For this painting of Bridlington Bay I used Windsor & Newton oil paints 🙂


Designing for Small Steps Big Changes

I have always known stone stories were a great idea and I’ve marketed to the best of my knowledge and pocket.

This week I feel like I’ve broken through into real success working with ‘small steps big changes’ in Nottingham city care who work to improve the lives of 0 to 3’s in the city.


That feeling right there 👍😀

So marketing advice…make a brochure about what you do and why, get it printed professionally, speculate to accumulate, because all it takes is one person to pick up and need what you are selling and the whole exercise becomes worthwhile 🙂

And keep going when you think times are quiet because if you believe in your product like I do you will pull through x


Beautiful autumn tree

I found a really satisfyingly smooth rock in Rhos-on-sea…Yes I know most wouldn’t say that about a rock but it definitely had to go in the collecting bag.

I have seen some superb art creations made using wire trees and this Rick seemed a perfect Base for giving this a go.

Step one: i wrapped gold and bronze wire around a box several times, slid it off then cut it to create many straight stands of wire.  (next time I think I’d use more to create a thicker trunk)

Step two: twist the wires together about a thirds of the way along leaving one end to create roots to wrap around the rock.

Step three: keep twisting to create the trunk then separate the wires to create branches and keep twisting.

Step four: when you reach the stage of having tiny branches twist the roots and shape around the rock.

Step five: for a bit of autumn bling add beads to the ends if the branches 🙂


Pebble collection

Stone stories use lots and lots of pebbles so a trip to the Welsh coast yesterday was fabulous!!! With a workshop next week the lucky children are going to have some beautiful stones to use for their stories.

I also collected one or two unusual things with experimenting in mind 🙂

Rhos on sea will be remembered as a perfect collecting beach.