Creative corks!!!

Ok so I’ve been inspired by a cork. I want to create art using real objects for different rooms in our house. I popped the cork from our last bottle of red from the vineyards in France (see ferry blogs in the summer). And with it I was taken with the gorgeous red of the end touching the wine. I remembered art at the deep in hull using reclaimed old tooth brushes from the beach etc and bottle tops and thought of a piece that is gonna take a while.
I want to fix them to a square board packed tightly together with the wine end facing out showing varied array of wine colours. Hmmm to ask friends for corks too or just drink a lot of wine?? If I ask for corks from friends it could be entitled ‘a drink with friends’…
Plus the piece would be finished more quickly. Question is too do I go for shades of red only. Well it is my favourite 😉 I think a frame made out of wine crate or drift wood would be cool too.

Right I’m off to drink wine 😉



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