Sunshiny day

Well today was a scorcher with folks recording 43 C in their back yards!!!!

Before you pop back and check my bio yep this is England!!! Nottingham in fact.  Crazy stuff.

Today I created something new which was a lot of fun!!! I painted three stepping stones using acrylic paints.

For those acrylic users amongst you I’m sure you can sympathise this crazy weather means drying times are as long as a pause with the brush.  Plus my pavers/stepping stones were hot hot hot!

On the plus side that darned yellow dried so quick I could add a fresh coat almost instantly meaning I got a great coverage in double quick time.

My new creation has taken lots of hours work and I am really happy with the result.  I will post photographs once they have been gifted.

No spoilers here 🙂

Happy painting people!

#top tip

In the heat pour a layer of water over the top of your acrylic paint if you need a loo break, kettle stop etc.  Sun ☀ attacks the water and not your paint 🙂


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