Ever have days where artsy stuff just doesn’t go to plan?

Yesterday I felt great,  super start to the day with lots of love from fellow crafters on Facebook boosting my self esteem.

Then…everything I tried to do was rubbish. My canvas that I prepped last week got wiped clean twice!!

So I Google what to do if you lose your mojo and these were the top 8 tips.

  1. Go back to basics, draw or make something simple that requires no real thought to just enjoy the process again.
  2. Exercise. Release those endorphins.
  3. Get out and about,  travel, visit somewhere new, breathe fresh air.
  4. Listen to music, relax and chill out.
  5. Keep a notebook for ideas…if you are anything like me you will forget otherwise.
  6. Make something random perhaps in a different media than you are used to.
  7. Prep your tools and brushes etc the night before so you are ready to begin.
  8. Give yourself a workspace…sometimes painting in the kitchen with a pile of washing up staring at you and folks popping in and out isn’t conducive to keeping the flow.

So today I tried 1,2,3 and 6.  I even moulded a pair of puppet hands out of resin,  that was new.

Tomorrow I’m going work on creating a workspace that isn’t necessarily my kitchen 🙂

Any more mojo ideas gratefully received. #mojo #toptips #art


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