Resin disaster non-disaster

So a few days ago I mentioned having a go at using resin in my art. Inspired by the lavender smells wafting through my window I painted an abstract piece using acrylic paint.

My daughter carefully collected lavender petals for me and when the painting was completely dry I mixed up a batch of resin and poured it on.  Smoothing it out and spreading to the edges.  I then placed the lavender petals onto the tacky resin and topped with more resin.

Many errors… Surface not completely level /too much resin/not enough waiting time before applying second layer of resin…

The result is mixed.

I love love the glass like gloss! This is completely dry.

The petals now look like flies have landed in my blooming resin :/

I cut my finger trying to prize the painting from the cardboard it was sitting on lol!

Lessons learned and I can’t wait to try again 🙂


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