Dreaming up sales

What a funny night of wakefulness, dreams and reality mixed up to create a very confused me this morning.

In my dreams I had sold a picture etched into a circle of metal – I have no idea where that came from.  Then I woke up, checked my phone and realised I had sold some alphabet stones to a customer on etsy 🙂 yey!  Then i fell back to sleep,  eventually, and formulating a plan for the morning and dreamed that I sold another set of alphabet stones on my website stone-stories.com… Woke up…no sale…confused…sleep…repeat.

It took a good few minutes this morning to work out what was real 🙂

So alphabet stones have been made, plus one or two extra just in case.

I really should clear my mind before bed!

Art Day


We had a fantastic time yesterday, painting, chatting, drinking cava (adults only :)) and generally having fun.

The children all made a fab effort with their canvases and I have to say I was inspiredly their no fear approach to putting paint to canvas!

I’m trying something new as a result so will post more on that later.

Thank you Anna for your company x


Ever have days where artsy stuff just doesn’t go to plan?

Yesterday I felt great,  super start to the day with lots of love from fellow crafters on Facebook boosting my self esteem.

Then…everything I tried to do was rubbish. My canvas that I prepped last week got wiped clean twice!!

So I Google what to do if you lose your mojo and these were the top 8 tips.

  1. Go back to basics, draw or make something simple that requires no real thought to just enjoy the process again.
  2. Exercise. Release those endorphins.
  3. Get out and about,  travel, visit somewhere new, breathe fresh air.
  4. Listen to music, relax and chill out.
  5. Keep a notebook for ideas…if you are anything like me you will forget otherwise.
  6. Make something random perhaps in a different media than you are used to.
  7. Prep your tools and brushes etc the night before so you are ready to begin.
  8. Give yourself a workspace…sometimes painting in the kitchen with a pile of washing up staring at you and folks popping in and out isn’t conducive to keeping the flow.

So today I tried 1,2,3 and 6.  I even moulded a pair of puppet hands out of resin,  that was new.

Tomorrow I’m going work on creating a workspace that isn’t necessarily my kitchen 🙂

Any more mojo ideas gratefully received. #mojo #toptips #art

Stepping stones

This commission was unlike most and began with a trip to B&Q!

Next stop planning and sketching the designs…

Then out came the acrylic paints… 

Roughly 13 hours later I was adding the finishing touches to three stepping stones for the very wonderful John Clifford Primary school. 

After a coat of sealant the next day they were ready for their new home and I hear tell they were much appreciated 🙂 

No day is the same here #lovewhatido

Creative busy day

My day began lacquering yesterday’s stepping stones…I really love them!!  I can’t wait to show you.

Then I created some pebble art for a customer in California… I can truly say I’m an artist that sells internationally 🙂

Next as the weather had cooled a tiny bit I completed a commission for a lovely lady in oils on box canvas which I have to say is totally different to anything I’ve done before but sticking with the seaside theme makes me smile ☺ 

Seeing as i was on a roll and had a little more time before the school run I prepped a new canvas ready for a little more sea.  

Love love busy days like this 🙂

I’ll be adding more paintings to my portfolio on www.paintersonline.co.uk

And as they dry and are finished I will add them to my etsy shop DebstaArt and my portfolio on www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk where you can also buy my creations. 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring 🙂

Sunshiny day

Well today was a scorcher with folks recording 43 C in their back yards!!!!

Before you pop back and check my bio yep this is England!!! Nottingham in fact.  Crazy stuff.

Today I created something new which was a lot of fun!!! I painted three stepping stones using acrylic paints.

For those acrylic users amongst you I’m sure you can sympathise this crazy weather means drying times are as long as a pause with the brush.  Plus my pavers/stepping stones were hot hot hot!

On the plus side that darned yellow dried so quick I could add a fresh coat almost instantly meaning I got a great coverage in double quick time.

My new creation has taken lots of hours work and I am really happy with the result.  I will post photographs once they have been gifted.

No spoilers here 🙂

Happy painting people!

#top tip

In the heat pour a layer of water over the top of your acrylic paint if you need a loo break, kettle stop etc.  Sun ☀ attacks the water and not your paint 🙂

Time flies when you are busy!!!

Wow 7 months since my last blog post how did that happen!!?!

I think it’s about time I put that right and filled you in on what’s happening in Debsta world.

So… I have a new website Www.stone-stone-stories.com where I sell my multisensory stone stories 🙂 I also sell on etsy as DebstaArt and EBay.  more on that later!

I have been painting more and more and have an online portfolio at www.painters-online.co.uk and www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk

Heres one of my latest oil paintings 

‘Intrepid seas’ was named by one of my Facebook followers at Debsta Productions  and I guess Facebook is the reason blogging at Debsta.com has subsided.

But not anymore! As i develop my business I am becoming more aware of different marketing tools and this seems like a great place to put new skills into action.

Watch this page for posts about: marketing,  admin, creative fun, finding your market and more about the creations I produce x